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Our Executive Search Services

Personalized Executive Search with a Global reach


We write a Search Plan that includes company and position challenges and candidate criteria.

We research the industries and companies where possible candidates are working.

We contact possible candidates at home or in their office.

We motivate possible candidates to participate in the search process.

We telephone screen possible candidates focusing on most recent work experience.

We evaluate potential candidates in a face-to-face interview, concentrating on personal, education and work accomplishments back 10 years.

We document recommended candidates for presentation to the clinent.

We test recommended candidates for preferred work environment, work behaviors, and work motivators.

We verify a recommended candidate's compensation and employment history.

We conduct reference checks with subordinates, peers, and superiors on finalist candidates.  Some may be in-person.  We also check academic, criminal, and financial records, when appropriate. 

We softly "sell" the opportunity to a chosen candidate suing our experience, knowledge, and maturity.

We suggest compensation for a chosen candidate through employment offer consistent with what we know about the market and candidate.

We make the employment offer to a chosen candidate, if asked.  We support the employment offer as competitive and sound.

We work to bridge the differences between chosen candidate expectations and a client's reality.  We suggest a "deal maker."

We help the placement through the difficult task of resigning current employment.

We talk the placement through the possibility of a counter offer.

We continue close contact during a placement's notice period.

We "check-in" with the placement after 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

We re-do the search project for expenses only should the placement fail within the first 12 months.

We thank all who participated in the search project and maintain contact with them.