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Executive Search Services

Executive Search Built on a Thoughtful, Proven Process

Executive search is Ken Clark Partners LLC’s primary business: We find, motivate, evaluate, recommend and recruit qualified candidates to fill leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies around the world. We routinely place top-tier executives in specific, mission-critical jobs to satisfy the urgent needs of our high-caliber global clientele.

If executive search is the heart of KCP, then our search process functions as the brain. Employing a well-defined system of processes, tools, and procedures enables us to find, motivate and evaluate highly talented executives from the most attractive recruiting targets. 


Within the first week, your KCP consultant schedules an initial Project Launch Meeting for all stakeholders. Securing solid information from the get-go facilitates our understanding and prevents false starts, a counterproductive time-waster we plan to avoid. What we learn in the meeting—key selection factors, candidate qualifications, recruiting targets and compensation approaches—is organized into a formal Search Plan used to solidify our search strategy and communicate with potential candidates.




KCP consultants combine traditional offline search activities with online technologies, including our Top Talent proprietary database, to research and contact, connect with, screen and evaluate potential candidates. Of the candidates we approach, typically 20 percent have resumes in hand while 80 percent have no current desire to make a move. That means that the real work, and our distinctive value proposition as an executive search firm, is to find and motivate the qualified passive candidates whose interest is not yet evident.




KCP’s sweet spot is turning passive candidates into interested participants… and where we truly earn our clients’ business. In a typical scenario of 10 executive candidates, three are immediately interested (little work for KCP); three are not interested (can’t take the job for some reason); and the four remaining require us to convert them from passive to participating.



KCP consultants evaluate potential candidates against Search Plan criteria along three dimensions:

1)  Performance-based evaluations to learn what they have accomplished;
2)  Leadership-based evaluations to learn how they accomplished their work;
3)  Organization-based evaluations to learn what organizational structure they prefer.

Candidates granted a second interview prepare a KCP self-evaluation that delves deeper into their backgrounds, skills and career goals. We provide reports on each candidate that include the completed self-evaluation and employment/compensation history. After you select your finalist, KCP consultants coordinate pre-employment background checks of references and verify education credentials.


KCP can help recruit your lead candidate. We construct, present and explain a competitive Employment Offer based on realistic market data and your company’s compensation strategy. As your intermediary, we also change, adjust or gain acceptance of an initial Employment Offer.





Once your chosen candidate accepts your Employment Offer, we oversee a smooth transition to your company.