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Founded in 2011, Ken Clark Partners is a small, but highly respected senior team with decades of experience in recruitment of senior talent with the Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Medical Industries.  The KCP Team does work in North America, in Europe and in both continents simultaneously for global search projects.  Clients are typcially Board of Directors, Chief Execuitve Officers, other P&L Executives, and Chief Human Resources Officers.  Search Projects are typically for C-Suite positions.  

KCP works on two or three search projects at any one time so as to ensure maximum effort on work we agree to do.  We work with a select group of companies within a particular industry segment, to provide the largest potential candidate pool without off-limits constraints.

Building on the experience and brand recognition developed from Ken Clark Interntational, Ken's prior firm, KCP pairs industry wide brand recognition with a small firm focus.  Ken Clark International became the 6th largest search firm in the world, completing over 2,900 search projects at all levels and in all functions.  This large firm experience and small firm execution translates to the ability to identify the best talent and to motivate them to participate in a search.

KCP has a 96% placement record.  We are experts at the evaluation of candidate performance, accomplishments, leadership, and cultural fit.  We are consultative and we help our clients make great decisions.

We have "skin in the game."  Our fees are based on performance and results. 



Kenneth Clark - KCP Chairman

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Patrick Colquhoun

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